It is a day for me to make a review ...

A Question Put For Debate By LovetoLead

Does The World Need Disease To Control Overpopulation?

I participated in four (4) questions put to debate, but, in this question, I cannot stand for the answer of yes or no, for the reason that; to go for a debate and to manifest an opinion or stand point, it has to be and or should be defended for.

Therefore, I will put my stand point in these manner without participating in the forum of debate.

Point I

I represent the Idea of : There is no such thing as overpopulation, when we talk about
Humanity. This vocabulary doesn’t meant or fitted to be used in Humankind or living
population on this Earth where we live.

Point II

The Earth has enough place for all living and non-living things, so, the word “control” is misplaced and misused in this question formed.

Point III

Disease is a natural circumstances and or one of the facts of life, just like the word or
vocabulary Death.

Point IV

For me, the question is irrelevant, but, for debate all topic is relevant.

Hence, that I cannot represent a stand point of yes or no, but, let me present my opinion
and point of views, which is stated below:

Vocabulary Interpretation of today, has to be examined and properly thought of or about
and should be taken cared of, to correct usage. Disease, is one of the vocabulary that
should be taken with heart and care. People who do not or did not or is not confronted with
the actual situation of the real meaning of this word “Disease” may take or Interpret it lightly.

Disease is a natural word that is connected to the word Death. For people who and one like
me, who know and very well live the meaning of these words, would like to share a deeper
meaning and the sense of effects and causes of what Disease and Death is.

There are lots of delicate situation or reality of life that should be taken into a critical
consideration and respect. There are people who are or is in the midst of Diseases or Death
or in the situation to be undergoing these reality, who are or is disrespected or touched deeply
from this form of a question. Although, based on my own life’s experiences, these
particular (Disease and or Death) situation or reality, is or can be a very enriching point of
Spiritual Human Growth.

Where did we go wrong in our growing vocabulary? What happened to Humanity? It has
been a history, where is our history? We are living and has been learning in the space of
year 2000 plus, it has been 2000 century of learning the Human History, but, it shows
that history never ended and never learned, it always begins and we call it civilized
civilization today. Do we really know what it means?

We live in a world of High Technology, but, We also live in a world of Humanity …

Therefore, in the case of forgetfulness - We Owe Not To Forget - Humanity Lives in a

of four ( 4 ) Essences:


And last but not the least, I think, what the WORLD NEED is

L O V E !


we can BEGINN again
the History of the four







Thank you for giving your time ... to read it again with me ...

Till then ...


Happy Valentines Day

The cold sun in a cold day


in the ...

World of Today

the 14th of February 2010