The flow of water nearby ...

... to one of the oldest Farmer's family residence those days ...

The old and the new buildings around ...

... to the oldest of all "Spritzhaus" (photo below) the Fire department of that time.

and ... please take a look at the growing development of a life ...

of a beautiful bright young girl ... who was answered: "I did not do and go to college and no one in our family did so ... so ... you do not have to go to college too! ..." by her Mother ... so ...

She did won the First Prize in creativity with her hands ...

and ... her Father  ... of which she did not have the chance to get to know ... except to see and take a share of the following ... scenes ...:

The  photo above is the recorded honors (one part/side) result of World War I ...

The photo above is the recorded honors (one part/side) growing result of World War II ... (please take note of the more than 100% growth of the said records of honors)

I repeat:

The time to be born

The time to be a baby

The time to be a child

The time to be a teenager

The time to be an adult

The time to be called matured

For the time to be a parent …

This is the present time where I am in …

The time that I am a parent … then … this is the time …

I started to asked the following questions:

What am I doing?

For my children …

For me …

For my family and friends… and for the world …

What sense does it make?

(A short break for a photo session time and some thoughts)

"Lamb of God ... who takes away the sins of the World ... Have mercy on us ..."

went through my thoughts by capturing the kneeling acts of the photos above that I find ...  fascinating.

Another path that I came across can be seen below ... :

"The Silver Medal (photo above) and Golden Confirmation (photo below) remembrance of some of the residents around ..."

(What can you say about it? ...)

Again … I repeat:

The time I was born

The time I was a child

The time I was a teenager

The time I was an adult

The time I was getting matured

The time I am a parent

The time to get ready to be a grandparent

It is a time for me to ask the following questions:

Am I happy?

Am I healthy?

Am I poor or rich? (I don’t count the material world in this question)

Am I doing what I should /shall do?

Do I know what I am suppose to do …

should / shall do, as a grandparent?

Then … it is the time of the TRUTH!

My time of Birth

My time of being a Child

My time of being a Teenager

My time of Adulthood

My time of Maturity

My Parenthood time

It is the time to prepare for the STONE of one’s LIFE

To know how to walk to the road of no return …

To the road of EXAMPLE for the following time of another LIVES!

To say “yes” to the truth of the time of Death!

What is the truth of my life?

How can I reach the road of this truth?

… and … only time can answer … in my Time To Come…again …

The End … to the so called Death!


Just like the melting of the Snow / Ice ... and the unstoppable flow of the water ... is ...

The "Time"

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Thank you for your time ...


Let us talk about ...

The "Time"






It is time to talk about the different types of time!


the counted time of HOURS


the uncountable time of LIFE


the unexpected time of the TRUTH


the time, TO THINK IT OVER

about the road heading to the time,

that is bound for us TO BE DONE!

Looking back ...

Turn around ... to the old and the new ...







and look up ...

to the flow of life ...

Let me count the time table of the uncountable


To be Born

To be a Baby

To be a Child

To be a Teenager

To be an Adult

To be Matured

To be a Parent

To be a Grandparent

Then … the unexpected time of the TRUTH

To be Dead

What have I done during those time?

The wonderful time to be a baby