" I am the first Servant of my State / Country " as written above ...

(The above photo is one of the few found Politicians in the said album)

The letter that you can see and read (in German) in the title photo is was the last letter or words of a Soldier / Father / Husband and Servant of his Country / State (seen in a pencil work above with the picture of his daughter and wife).  It (the letter) arrived to his family on / at the same time ... as the Notice or Information from the State ... that He was Dead.

My path of today ... came across to a long prepared album ... of the said Soldier / Father / Husband and Servant of his Country / State. ... to be seen by you and me  ... all of us ...

Please take a look at his collections ...:

It reminded me of the following article ...:

"Where did we go wrong in our growing vocabulary? What happened to Humanity? It has
been a history, where is our history? We are living and has been learning in the space of
year 2000 plus, it has been 2000 century of learning the Human History, but, it shows
that history never ended and never learned, it always begins and we call it civilized
civilization today. Do we really know what it means?


It gave me lots of thoughs to ponder ...

What can you say about it?

Till then ...

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