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Zwesten to Bad Zwesten

Photo:  " Festzug beim Sängerfest am August 1951"

The background photo is the old school building before and now the City Hall



A 70 years old Lady "Rosemarie" inspired me to make some notes and or points of her views ... and here I am ... writing some letters for me again and for everybody / one ...  who passes by and read my notes and watch some pictures and eye views ... please take a look at the combination of memories that stays to everyone ... meaning you and me and them ... as the sequences of a real life ... lives ... :

simple and beautiful in my eyes ... and memorable ... and heartfelt ... history to ponder ... Lady Rosemarie said: "those days ... we walk to the church to get or be married" and a picture with her late Mother on a vacation  ... life changes and grows ...

under the sun and the moon (photo above was taken along the road to the park)... and the growth is mostly felt during winter ... which can be seen in the latest picture below taken this Winter of 2010 ... the  house seen infront is used to be owned by a Jewish Family named Hirchberg as to the story told around ... will be posting some more old pictures of it and about others in the later story to be written.  It is icy cold and slidy along the ways as am writing these lines ... and as the photo taken.  Please take note that the Church Clock Tower is newly renovated ... (the old tower can be slightly seen in the title photo) ... will also post a better view of the old one in the next posting for a vivid differentiation of growth of this County.

The other side view from above can be seen in the photo below ... as the sun rises in a very cold morning of the day ... the light of the sun has not enough color to penetrate in the cold and thick cloud.

Will be posting more notes and etc... as time goes and comes by ...

To be continued ... till then ...


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