The old school building as seen in the photo above is now the City Hall of Bad Zwesten (colored photo above) and below ... the car that you can see in front of the building was: "the only private car in town during those days ... owned by the doctor of the area" as said by Lady Rosemarie.  She attented her 5th till 8th grade in the said building as one of the people born in Bad Zwesten ... will also be posting some of the class photos soon.


Yesterday and Today


The City Hall Today ... photo taken 18th of January 2010 ... to recall the yesterday, please take a look to this ...

The rest / memories of the Father (the one in the painting) and the Son (the data in the cross) ... she said: "my Grandfather and my Uncle"

Yesterday and the young Lady Rosemarie ...

Continuation  ... Part II


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